December 01, 2021

Speaking of Pickleball

During the winter months, I play in what is called a "Ladder". The players are rank-ordered from 1 to 180, and those who sign up to play are placed into groups of four. The group of four plays three games up to 15, with each player playing a game with the three other players. The player with the most points climbs the ladder, and moves up to the bottom of the group above him/her. The player with the fewest points falls down the ladder, moving to the top of the group below him/her.

Needless to say, these are spicy matchups.

Two weeks ago I trailed 4-0 in the first game (game is up to 15), I trailed 5-0 in the second game, and I trailed 6-0 in the third game.

In each case, my partner and I rallied to either win each game or get to 14 points (in the first game).

In total, I scored 44 points, enough to win the ladder.

Why bring up this topic?

I spoke with a CEO recently. The CEO told me that they tried a digital tactic, and the digital tactic "didn't work", so they stopped leveraging the tactic and they never looked back.

Here's my point:  Did the CEO stop leveraging the digital tactic when she was behind 6-0 (in pickleball parlance)? Because if that's what she did, she didn't give the tactic a chance to grow, develop, and ultimately succeed.

Don't give up too soon.

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