November 17, 2021

4th Down

If you watch an NFL game (and even college games now) you'll notice that something has changed.

Teams that would have punted or kicked field goals on 4th down are now more likely than previous to go for it.

Your odds of winning go up when you go for it on 4th and goal at the two yard line vs. kicking a field goal, for instance.

When you are successful, you look good and you score more points.

When you are unsuccessful, you are second-guessed, you are less likely to win, and you made an unconventional decision that might cause you to lose your job.

So it is with marketing.

It is safe to execute the way you've always executed, even when conditions have radically changed and you can't execute the way you've always executed. You won't lose your job, but you won't maximize your profit opportunity either.

But if you take a risk ... you might have big success or you might look like a fool and lose your job and have the punditocracy mock you.

In the NFL the new generation of coaches are much more likely to go for it on 4th down.

And in marketing, tomorrow's leaders are going to be much more likely to execute differently. Market conditions are requiring it.

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