September 27, 2021

Beginning Next Week: Hillstrom's Newbies

Next week, I'll begin a process of explaining a new project that I call "Hillstrom's Newbies".

Now that the "COVID-bump" has ended for most businesses I analyze, we need to understand what help/harm we are doing to our businesses via customer acquisition. More than half of my clients generate 40% or more of their annual sales via new/reactivated buyers. Most e-commerce businesses are highly dependent upon new/reactivated buyers for success.

What was the inspiration for this project offering?

A few weeks ago on Twitter a Professional complained that iOS changes merged with Facebook performance resulted in 50% sales declines (or more) for many clients. These companies acquired most of their customers via a fusion of iPhones and Facebook ads. We all know about the "tracking changes" Apple implemented. The downstream impact on Facebook (coupled with the end of the COVID-bump) is crushing many seven-digit and eight-digit businesses.

So I began analyzing new customers in depth for several clients. The results were enlightening. Honestly, the future success of our businesses is dependent not only on having a robust customer acquisition program, but making sure we acquire the "right" customers and not just the "easy" customers.

What will you get in a "Hillstrom's Newbie" project?

  • A thorough analysis of customers acquired in the past two years.
  • Analysis of marketing channels that yield good new buyers.
  • Analysis of marketing departments that yield good new buyers.
  • Do winning items (your best sellers) deliver good new buyers?
  • Where applicable, do sold-outs and returns hurt new buyer performance?
  • Are there acquisition months that harm future performance (like December - hint hint)?
  • Do high prices or low prices help/hurt future performance?
  • Do discounts/promotions help/hurt future performance?
The cost of the project will be $16,000. If you ask for a Hillstrom's Customer Development project, I will include "Hillstrom's Newbies" for free ... yes, for free. No cost.

As I usually do with new projects, I will offer the first three clients who say "yes" a reduced rate of $11,500 for this project, as long as the request is received by October 10.

Contact me now ( for details.

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