August 25, 2021

Working With Email Buyers, Clickers, and Subscribers

There are several tiers of email customers.

  • Those Who Buy Because of Email Marketing.
  • Those Who Click Through 2+ Email Campaigns Per Year.
  • Those Who Clicked Through 1 Email Campaign Last Year.
  • Those Who Clicked Through An Email Campaign 13+ Months Ago.
  • Those Who Are Email Subscribers.
The first three segments have a high organic percentage - they don't need other marketing tactics to purchase. You can curtail outbound marketing activities and not lose much in sales.

The last two segments have good organic percentages ... maybe not the 80% seen with the top three segments but quite possibly 55% - 75%. You've already run A/B tests on these customers and know what happens when you execute outbound marketing and when you execute email marketing. The tests tell you what you need to do.

Email marketing has been seemingly around forever. Segmenting email customers has been around just as long. Reducing print expense via outbound email campaigns to responsive email customers is a two-decade-old process that always works.

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