July 18, 2021


We talked last year ... at length ... about the fact that you were going to have a glut of customers courtesy of a global pandemic. We talked about how important it is to convert a first-time buyer RIGHT NOW before the customer becomes unresponsive.

If we conducted a survey asking how many of you made meaningful changes to marketing strategy for this enormous glut of first-time buyers, we'd learn that fewer than 10% of you did anything meaningful.

Opportunity wasted.

I know ... you'd respond:  "But Kevin, we didn't waste the opportunity. You don't get it. We could barely keep enough inventory on-hand to stay in business. Nobody was in the office. Our vendors were equally impaired. And we still grew our business by 50%. I'd rather count money than spend money on a tactic that is unproven. And let me tell you, we counted the money last year."

Fair enough.

Of course, now business is slumping ... with some of you selling less in May/June/July than you sold two years ago ... and that's with a ton of new customers on the file.

That means you are going to have to reactivate customers, doesn't it?

So we'll talk about Customer Reactivation over the next few posts.

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