July 25, 2021

It Can Be Hard To Move The Needle

Here's why you have to have some semblance of precision in your reactivation efforts.

This is what a normal year might look like for 13-48 month buyers:

It's not easy to reactivate customers ... they've lapsed for a reason, right?

Now, let's say you improve reactivation response by 15% annually. Here's what the story looks like.

You did a great job, and in this case you get 9,500 more customers as a consequence.

In this business, you go from the following scenario ...

  • 170,759 new buyers.
  • 63,404 reactivated buyers.
  • 234,163 new + reactivated buyers.
... to this scenario ...
  • 170,759 new buyers.
  • 72,915 reactivated buyers.
  • 243,674 new + reactivated buyers.
  • Total Increase = 4%.
A typical "direct marketer" looks at that story and says "no bueno" ... too much work for too little return.

Fortunately, many of you are going to have 50% or more 13-24 month buyers this fall because of the COVID-bump that you didn't capitalize on via a credible Welcome Program.

Which means you will have an opportunity to do something this October/November/December.

Time to do something!

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