June 02, 2021

No Paper To Mail Catalogs? You Need QuickScores

Yeah, here's a shameless promotion. If you think you're entitled to free content, skip the rest of this post and click on this article here (read the last two paragraphs, both are relevant for opposite reasons).

Catalogers are being told there's not enough paper available to ... wait for it ... wait for it ... mail catalogs!

If you are in a situation where you are worried there won't be enough paper, you'll need what I call "QuickScores" to filter out the online buyers who don't need catalogs anymore.

I've been using this methodology for twenty years ... it's a comparable methodology to one my team used at Nordstrom to determine that we didn't even need to mail catalogs anymore (saving $36,000,000 in ad cost per year).

For just $11,000, you get the following:

  • A Catalog QuickScore that tells you who is purely responsive to catalog mailings.
  • A Brand QuickScore that tells you who is responsive to your brand.
  • An Email QuickScore that tells you who is responsive to email marketing ... STRONG HINT - THIS BECOMES CRITICALLY IMPORTANT IF THERE ISN'T ENOUGH PAPER AVAILABLE OUT THERE.
  • Merchandise QuickScores - you learn the Primary Merchandise Category the customer loves and the Secondary Merchandise Category the customer likes.

If your vendor isn't already producing Catalog, Brand, Email, and Merchandise QuickScores for you, it's time to find a new vendor. Or, if you love your vendor, I'll quote you a fee to teach your vendor how to execute the catalog portion of the QuickScore. Yes, I'll teach my competitors how to do what I do ... and they'll make a killing off of the logic. Either you or your vendor (or both) will pay the training fee. Tell me how many partners you have who are willing to do that?

Contact me now (kevinh@minethatdata.com) ... you need to get these scores in your database by the end of July if you want to impact Q4.

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