February 09, 2021

The Actual Customer Resume

Ok, here's the table from yesterday, and below it isthe actual customer resume.

Let's look down the left side of the bottom table. You started with 85,476 customers in the cohort. Their rebuy rate was 19.7% (as mentioned yesterday). If they bought, they purchased 1.511 times, buying 3.947 items per order at an average price per item purchased of $12.54.

"Demand per Inventory" is a critical metric ... it's the amount of sales these customers generate in the year after the customer was acquired.

80% of what they bought was existing merchandise.

34% of what they bought were discounted items (those selling below the average historical price for the specific item).

These metrics, on their own, don't mean a whole lot. You have to compare the metrics to other cohorts to understand if they metrics are good/bad.

Tomorrow, we'll address the right-hand side of this table.

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