February 14, 2021

Customer Development + QuickScores

My project work really changed over the past six months. Heck, the running of your business really changed over the past eleven months.

So many of my e-commerce clients generated a ton of new customers. They wanted to know how those customers were going to Develop over time. Customer Development (click here). Who would become loyal? Which first-time buyers had the potential to emerge into good customers? Are there attributes that lead to better customers? How does one act against the information?

Current projects are fusions of Customer Development and QuickScores.
  • Determine if new customers truly have a three-month window to convert before decaying.
  • Identify attributes associated with first-time buyers that lead to a second purchase.
  • Associate merchandise and channels that combine with 2x-4x buyers to lead to additional purchases.
  • Quantify how many customers become loyal.
  • Outline the attributes of a loyal buyer.
  • Tell the story of how a Customer Develops.
  • Simulate sales gains associated with better Customer Development.
  • Generate QuickScores to enable action against what was learned.
  • Brand QuickScore.
  • Welcome Program QuickScore.
  • Email Marketing QuickScore.
  • Print/Catalog QuickScore (where applicable).
  • Merchandise Category Preference QuickScores.
  • Marketing Channel Preference QuickScores.
This is the most popular project you've requested over the past six months. You get the intelligence of understanding how your Customers Develop, and you get QuickScores to allow you to act upon the information.

In 1-2 weeks, I will release a booklet on the subject.'

You can click here for file formats and project costs.

This week, we'll discuss using the information learned in a Customer Development project.

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