December 10, 2020

Rick Barry

Forty-five years ago you'd watch the Golden State Warriors and you'd see Rick Barry shooting free throws like this (click here).

The percentage of free throws he made using this technique was ... quite honestly ... staggering. Here are the percentages from the final six years of his career.

  • 1975 = 90%.
  • 1976 = 92%.
  • 1977 = 92%.
  • 1978 = 92%.
  • 1979 = 95%.
  • 1980 = 94%.
Considering the average free throw percentage made is somewhere in the mid-upper 70% range, you'd think somebody would try to copy his style ... a style called "granny style".

Nobody wants to shoot free throws "granny style".

And if you are shooting 81%, it might not be worth changing your shooting technique.

But what about if you shoot 61%?

This brings me back to Welcome Programs. The data clearly shows that the first-time buyer is very active for 4-12 weeks following a first purchase, and then quickly fades away. If you want a loyal customer base (in time), you HAVE to convert the customer quickly following a first purchase.

And yet?

Nobody "wants" to execute a Welcome Program.

The data is overwhelmingly positive. Rick Barry positive.

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