October 14, 2020


From startups looking to grow even faster to old-school catalog brands seeing sales double for the first time since the 1980s, as long as you aren't a retail brand or apparel seller there is a good chance that COVID is causing something to happen that many never expected.

For many, business is percolating.

And Professionals are playing offense.

You're being told that business won't revert to normal for maybe a year, maybe more.

It is possible that business will be percolating for another year.

Capitalize now. Change things now. Take advantage now. A year from now, the world is going to be different, and you may as well determine what "different" will be instead of letting others determine what "different" will be while you react to what they do.

Go ... take advantage right now.

P.S.:  I realize this stuff is really hard. It's a pandemic ... and we're ... well, you know what we "are". To cope, customers are choosing you. Or you sell something the customer absolutely needs at this awful point in time. Either way, your business is being fundamentally changed, so take advantage of your opportunity right now. Ethically. Honestly. With Kindness.

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