August 03, 2020

Why Does A Welcome Program Matter? Look At Months 1-2

Let's look at life table results from a recent project.

This table is for customers who just purchased for the first time. Each row represents months since first purchase. In the month of a first purchase (month = 0), 7.63% of customers buy for a second time ... that's a big number. A BIG number.

If the customer does not purchase for a second time in the remainder of the acquisition month, we move down one row. In the first full month on the file, the 1x buyer repurchases at a rate of 8.12%. That's also a BIG number! After a month-and-a-half, 15.1% of first-time buyers have already repurchased for a second time.

In the next post, we'll move down the table. Your homework assignment? Preview the rest of the table and be ready to construct a story.

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