May 04, 2020


The catalog portion of my client base has an interesting crosstab that they make decisions against. Below we see QuickScores bunched into segments ... A/B/C/D/F ... where "A" is best and "F" = Flunk.

Let's say you have a customer that is an "A" or "B" for catalog and an "A" or "B" for email. These are spectacular customers, and you'll likely send them everything you possibly can.

Look at the customers with catalog quickscores of C/D/F ... these customers shouldn't be receiving more than three mailings per year, and the "F" customers shouldn't be mailed at all, period. This is where an email quickscore of A/B/C becomes critically important. Across my catalog clients, customers have been slipping from A/B status to C/D/F status for the past fifteen years. This "slippage" isn't going to end, it will continue long after the virus is gone.

Look at the bottom right quadrant ... catalog quickscores of D/F and email quickscores of D/F. More than half of the customer file is dead weight.

This is one of those "combinations" that our industry doesn't like to talk about ... there are a ton of customers who are done with us. We're not going to reactivate them. They're done. We should move on as well.

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