March 12, 2020

Quick Mini-Project Offer and a Freebie

Yup, you're dealing with coronavirus issues.

Sales might be down ... might be down significantly.

You're not even in the office.

And you are being asked to figure out what impact two months of bad business will have on 2020, right?

So let's try something. Since we're all working from home, let's do a virtual mini-project.
  • Cost = $7,999. I'll measure the impact on File Power, and share with you possibilities for business bouncing back as well as sharing customers who you'll have to keep marketing to in order to keep growth possibilities alive. This is not a typical product offering, and is a product offering that is darn important given what is going on.
  • We'll video conference or Skype ... face-to-face virtual meetings.
Send me an email ( or call me at 206-853-8278. We'll try to leverage our virtual office situation as well as is reasonable, given the challenges we're all facing.

And now time for the freebie ... in the spirit of virtual work environments, let's try something. I will offer three free File Power video conferences in half-hour increments on March 17, between 11:00am EDT and 5:00pm EDT. If you'd like to ask me any File Power questions ... as they relate to a business downturn, you may schedule a call (206-853-8278) or you may meet with me via Skype. Hurry - slots will fill immediately.

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