March 31, 2020

Email Clicks Impact Other Channels, Too

Yesterday I described the importance of overlaying a QuickScore (click here) against lapsed customers ... culling out the customers who clicked through an email campaign last month.

Recall that response in the next month increased from 1.20% to 3.52% based on this simple overlay. You'd want to know that, right? And if you knew it, you'd act upon it, right?

Each channel is impacted differently by this fact.
  • Call Center = 0.26% response to 0.32% response after customer clicks through an email campaign.
  • Online Orders Matched To Catalogs = 0.07% response to 0.16% response.
  • Email Purchasing = 0.10% response to 2.02% response (oh).
  • Search Purchasing = 0.33% response to 0.36% response.
  • All Other Online Marketing = 0.03% response to 0.12% response.
  • All Other Online Orders = 0.25% response to 0.48% response.
  • Retail In-Store Orders = 0.24% to 0.28%.
  • Non Email Channel = 1.10% response to 1.50% response.
The email click results in a 35% increase (1.50 vs. 1.10) in response in channels outside of email marketing.

You'd want to know that, right?

Click here for details regarding Hillstrom's QuickScores.

P.S.: This is one way of demonstrating that "engagement" is important. Draw a link between engagement metrics and actual purchases.

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