February 26, 2020

Real-Time File Power Decisions

Here's one for you ... the Oakland A's will not broadcast on terrestrial radio ... you can stream their radio-based games online from now on (click here).

Of course, this is the future.

And of course, if you are 71 year old driving across Central California, this is gonna stink (while the 31 year old will fire up TuneIn and ... no worries ... assuming that 31 year olds even care about listening to baseball anymore).

From a File Power standpoint?
  • You are giving up on customers age 62+ who listen on radio. Do they have other options? Absolutely. But you'll lose File Power here.
  • You are moving into the future. You'll gain File Power here.
This is the EXACT decision that would hold-up 90% of my readers ... "how can they give up on the 71 year old riding in a car???" Catalogers know this all-too-well ... they wouldn't give up on the 71 year old. And in the process, the cataloger misses the future.

What would you do?

Be honest.

It's really, really hard to truly move into the future, isn't it? Too often, we try to move into the future while protecting the past. That's a recipe for short-term File Power gains coupled with long-term File Power pain.

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