October 22, 2019

You Don't Have To Like It

Last week I talked briefly about printer profits (click here).

You liked that, based on measurements like "engagement".

Of course "engagement" doesn't pay the bills.

When I talk about Merchandise Forensics or Pricing Issues, "engagement" data is lousy. At the same time, people choose to hire me.

You don't have to like the focus on merchandise or on pricing. You might hate it. You might prefer engaging content that allows you to debate "strategy".

What matters most, of course, is that you take concepts you read about here and apply them to your business in a profitable manner. You can search for keys to improving conversion rate, but if pricing is not right and/or merchandising strategy is off, conversion rate is going to be below your expectations. Don't look for magic. Look to what you sell and how you sell it. Teach your co-workers the dynamics that cause customers to respond. Go make a difference, ok?!!

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