September 26, 2019

It's Gonna Get More Expensive!

Remember, each run of the MineThatData Elite Program is virtually free.

  • $1,800 for first-time participants.
  • $1,000 each run thereafter (3 runs per year, February, June, October).
  • You'll send me 5 years of purchase data (I'll forward you the file layouts and invoice when you say yes).
  • Data sent to me by October 15.
  • Payment sent to me by October 15.
  • Analysis completed by October 31.
In this run, you'll get the typical rolling twelve month analysis, the comp segment analysis, and the rebuy table that is included in every run. 

In this run you will also get an assortment of pricing analytics, helping you see if you potentially have a price point problem that is hurting your business. This style of analysis will become a new product offering in the next few weeks, paired with a new booklet on pricing analysis. Needless to say, this analysis will get more expensive than the $1,800 you'll spend here at the "experimental phase".

So sign up now ... contact me ( / 206-853-8278) and let's get busy, ok??!!

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