July 31, 2019

Making Small Page Counts Work

In the simulation from the start of the week, we noticed that more pages per contact was more profitable than fewer pages per contact.

This is where merchandise personalization comes into play.

When crafting a 32 page catalog, you dynamically insert merchandise that aligns with what the customer previously purchased. This causes the 32 page catalog to perform 20% to 30% better, and as a consequence it changes the math in the simulation. The math then favors small page counts. And you want small page counts, because you'll contact the customer more often. CONTACTS > PAGES.

This is why the future is all about dynamic content populating frequent/small contacts.

Your printer loves this.

Your favorite catalog agency loves this.

And you'll love this, because you're going to invent something new and interesting within the catalog industry.

I'm not aware of a lot of circumstances that benefit printers, agencies, and you.

Run your Optimal Mailing Strategy Simulation, see what it tells you, and then move in a new and interesting direction.

You can do this!!!!

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