June 16, 2019

Example of an Old-School Anniversary Program

Here you go. Doesn't take any effort whatsoever.

P.S.:  When I share stuff like this at conferences, there are groans and eye rolls and heads shaking "nooooooo". That's ok, that's the right of the conference attendee. But as a speaker, I marvel at the ability of an audience to reject ideas and then grumble that "business is bad".

P.P.S.:  It's Nordstrom, 2001. My boss, the President of the Online Division, blows his top (in his way) because I correlate business struggles with S&P 500 declines. His quote lives with me:

  • "It's not your job to correlate business struggles with the S&P 500. It's your job to fix business problems. Do your job."

So before you just reject the concept above, think about the quote, and then go fix a few problems, ok??!!

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