May 19, 2019

Open Board Position?

My business is cookin' right now, and there's plenty of discussion about how a traditional business should evolve over the next five years. Since similar topics keep coming up in my phone calls and email communications, I'm ready to consider doing a few things differently with my business.

Specifically, if you have an open seat on your Board, I would be honored to be considered for the opening. This isn't the common "Advisory Board" opening that many of us in the industry are frequently asked to participate on. I'm looking for a traditional Board position. 

I'm open to considering a Board of Directors position to help guide your business through the next five years. My background:
  • 225+ Clients, Personally Analyzed 10 Billion Purchase Transactions, Wrote More Than 1,000,000 Lines Of Computer Code To Analyze The Transactions. 
  • I know how customers behave.
  • Vice President of Database Marketing at Nordstrom.
  • Director of Circulation at Eddie Bauer.
  • Manager of Analytics at Lands' End.

If this is of interest to you, please reach out to me ( / 206-853-8278).


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