May 27, 2019

It's Time For Another Run Of The MineThatData Elite Program!

First-time members get a strong sampling of my Total Package methodology for the insanely low cost of $1,800 (and it's $1,000 per run thereafter). 

  • We'll be able to tell if your business is on the upswing, downturn, or is stuck in a tepid slog.
Here's typical Total Package pricing (click here). You get about 20% of the benefit of a full project ... practically for free.

What would stop you from participating?  Good question!!

Here are the key dates:
  • June 1 = Announce Your Participation.
  • June 14 = Payment Due.
  • June 15 = Data Due (if you elect to participate, I'll forward you file layout information).
  • June 30 = Project Delivery Date.

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