March 07, 2019

The Great Eight

We spent the past two weeks talking about the events and influences that shaped what I call "The Great Eight".

My Influences:
  • Audience = CMO Nordstrom.
  • Awareness = Duluth Trading Company.
  • Acquisition = Jim Fulton and Eddie Bauer Home.
  • Welcome Program = Eddie Bauer Home, B2B Brand With A Great Program.
  • Anniversary Program = Nordstrom Anniversary.
  • Optimization Program = IBM/Lands' End, Client With Brilliant Website Personalization.
  • New Merchandise = Bankrupt Client.
  • Winning Merchandise = Failed Retail Brand.
The influences result in a style of performing work, a style that is fundamentally different than the style used by any other professional. Not only fundamentally different, but in theory useful. Once you know the importance of new merchandise, you approach marketing very differently, don't you?

Now, I'm not asking you to blindly follow The Great Eight. Instead, I'm asking you to create your own version. Look back on who your influences were. Who was the expert who shaped what you've become? Document the influences, and a story will drop into your lap. The story becomes your Marketing Management System, your own unique way of doing things. Don't borrow taglines from the vendor community, that's not your system, that's their system! Your system is unique to you.

Your system gives you a competitive advantage.

Document your influences. Create your own system. And when you get your opportunity as a Marketing Director or Marketing Executive, be sure to implement your system from Day One.

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