February 07, 2019

Pay 'em

Out here in Phoenix, there's a lot of 55+ communities. These communities possess golf courses, and the golf courses have a clubhouse and restaurant.

The community might create a traffic event, like a "Quilt Show", for instance. After paying $3 to attend the quilt show, you have lunch in the restaurant, and then after paying $46 for lunch (plus gratuity), you visit the Pro Shop.

And while you are in the Pro Shop, you decide to head back out to the car.

Except one thing happens.

The lone employee in the Pro Shop says one sentence ...
  • "... you mean to tell me you spent all that time in here and you didn't buy anything?"

The Pro Shop made $8 on a gross margin of 80%, +/-.

No omnichannel strategy causes that $8 purchase to happen.

Sometimes, it happens because your employees say something.

Why not pay your employees something when they cause a moron like me to buy an $8 package of golf tees?

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