January 17, 2019

Page Counts When Bifurcation Hurts All Other Customers

Yesterday we talked about the fact that best catalog customers (a minority of your file) deserve MANY catalogs that are merchandised with MANY pages.

Earlier this week, we discussed the fact that all other customers (a majority of your file) deserve FEW catalogs.

How many pages do you think these customers deserve?

Look at the optimization table. You run optimization tables, right?


You make a penny of profit at 120 pages.

You optimize profit at 48 pages.

Do you understand what the bifurcation of your customer file means, dear Catalogers?
  1. It means that best catalog buyers are being under-optimized. These customers deserve MANY catalogs that feature MANY pages.
  2. It means that all other buyers (the majority of your file) are being under-optimized. These customers deserve FEW catalogs that feature FEW pages.
  3. It means that your current catalog contact strategy is ALL MESSED UP!!
It means that the world has changed.

It means that having a static contact strategy with "x" mailings per year is ENTIRELY WRONG for your business.

It means that your paper rep and printer have just become MORE VALUABLE than they've ever been, because they must work in tandem to help you execute a VARIABLE CONTACT STRATEGY where best catalog buyers (the minority of your customer file) deserve a weekly contact with many pages while all other buyers (the majority of your customer file) deserve at best a quarterly catalog with few pages.

Are you ready to move your catalog business into the future?

More on this topic next week.

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