January 02, 2019


Those who still adore catalog marketing are in for some GOOD NEWS!!

In the past five years, two things have happened (this dynamic is called "bifurcation").
  1. Classic 65 year old catalog shoppers love catalog marketing even more.
  2. Everybody else appears to shop less and less because catalogs are mailed.
It turns out that (1) is a really important finding. Why? Because the math shows that these customers deserve even MORE catalogs than the 30 a year you're sending out.

Yes. Seriously.

Here's a company that sends a stunning 30 catalogs a year to best customers. And they could send MORE to the best catalog buyers. Yes. MORE.

You'd think your paper rep or your printer or your favorite boutique agency would be telling you this ... right?

In the 30% of my work that is contact-strategy-centric, this is the emerging theme of 2019. And it's been this way for years!!!!
  • 85% of your customers need significantly fewer mailings.
  • 15% of your customers need significantly more mailings.
  • Virtually nobody should be contacted the way you are contacting them.
Contact me (kevinh@minethatdata.com) if you want to find out if your best customers deserve MORE mailings. I'll run a quick scenario for you, for free, to determine if the opportunity exists.

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