January 31, 2019


There's a lot of reasons why February is fantastic.

If you are paid twice a month, you make more money per day in February than any other month ... and that includes leap years! Good for you, for a month you earn a raise.

Did you know that sunset times increase faster in February than any other month? You begin the month in the grips of a polar vortex and you end the month on the precipice of Spring, enjoying nearly twelve hours of daylight.

How many other months include the breathless romance of Valentine's Day? That's a tradition/anniversary that 1-800-Flowers sure appreciates.

The Super Bowl is in February ... an unparalleled annual celebration of capitalism. Heck, that's the only day that people actually pay attention to television commercials., the only day nobody is fast-forwarding through messages from Gillette. Makes one long for the days of the Bud Bowl, don't you think?

On another channel on Super Bowl Sunday you can watch the Puppy Bowl. Happens every February now. Those folks created a tradition off of another tradition.

In a few days, we'll ponder the meteorological musings of a groundhog. Happens every February, right?

Here in Phoenix, they host a PGA Golf Tournament the weekend of the Super Bowl. It's the best attended tournament on the tour. A couple hundred thousand people act like they are behind the basket at a college basketball game. Golfers don't like that. The fans sure seem to like it. This happens every February now. It's a tradition.

Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month? And February 9 is National Pizza Day. How can National Pizza Day be a bad thing?

In the Catholic Tradition, February is the month of purification of the Virgin Mary.

An average person might view February as a worthless waste of a month. Another month of cold and misery in what has become a long and miserable winter. The average person would be wrong. February is the best month of the entire year, a unique month filled with tradition, with Anniversary-style events that only happen once a year ... in February.

Why couldn't you have an Anniversary Event in February? Right? Something that you do every February, something your customers simply cannot wait for each and every year. Why not? Why not do something clever? It's February after all!!

P.S.: In my time at Lands' End, we used to stick Platteville Peri in the snow on February 2. If Platteville Peri saw her shadow, it wasn't going to be a good fiscal year. But if she didn't see her shadow, well, my goodness, one could prepare for an absolute sales-oriented bounty leading up to bonus checks at Christmas. Here's your chance to give Omnichannel Owen or Catalog Craig or Retail Ron or Digital Diane a try.

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