December 16, 2018


Finance folks have ways to forecast that a recession is coming. In recent weeks, the topic of the "yield curve" suggests that the economy is headed toward a recession in the next 6-36 months, +/- (click here).

There are signals that suggest a recession is headed for your business as well. In e-commerce and/or retail, there are sure signals that trouble is coming.

Tomorrow, we'll begin to discuss the signals. Be sure to use the tools and techniques that you've been taught over the past decade to identify when trouble is coming.

P.S.: "Having a great Christmas Season" is mutually exclusive from "A Recession is Coming." Both can be possible. Think of it this way. You eat a ton of bad food, and you don't gain a ton of weight. That doesn't mean you don't have a blood sugar issue, right? The sugar high our economy is enjoying may well be separate from the fact that trouble is brewing ... and you have customer data that can help you understand if trouble is brewing.

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