November 28, 2018

Do "B" Items Become Hyper-Winning "A" Items?

In my example, using real data, here's what happened to "B" items next year.
  • 6% graduate to "A" status.
  • 58% remain in "B" status.
  • 23% slump to "C" status.
  • 4% slump to "D" status.
  • 2% slump to "F" status.
  • 7% of items are discontinued.
The key thing to analyze is the ratio of items that graduate to items that slump:
  • 6% graduate.
  • 58% remain static.
  • 36% slump or are discontinued.
So that's a problem.

Items are in a continual state of erosion.

This means we need a steady diet of new/winning items.

And you, the marketer, are in a prime position to help move new items into winning status. Do your job and give exposure to new merchandise, starting today, in low-cost channels.


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