October 11, 2018

Improvements Among 13+ Month Buyers

Ok, I ran a scenario where I improved the response of every 13-24 month buyer by 15% each and every month. This is different than increasing response by 15% for first-time buyers. We can probably agree that this is a much more aggressive strategy than something that impacts first-time buyers for just three months, right?

Fortunately, the outcome is about similar to a Welcome Program that increases response by 15% for months 1/2/3. Darn near identical, in fact!

That's good news, because an awful lot of energy is spent trying to convert lapsed buyers.

That's good news, because it demonstrates that Welcome Programs can be at least as effective as lapsed buyer programs.

Most important - the simulations demonstrate that our businesses have a "set process" in place in terms of customer relationships. The customer is going to do what the customer is going to do.

Allow me to repeat that statement.
  • "The customer is going to do what the customer is going to do."
This is why I strongly encourage all of us to work on acquiring new customers. If we want more loyal customers in the future, we need more new customers today.

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