October 15, 2018

Hillstrom's Total Package

Yup, it's time for another booklet, this time including 80+ pages of goodies for the New Marketing Leader ... it's called Hillstrom's Total Package.

Let's talk for a brief second about pricing before the complaints begin, ok?

The print version is $14.99. This means that I make $2.26 and Amazon makes $12.73. The most common complaint I get about these booklets is that they are "too expensive". Well, if I lower the price to $12.99 I make $1.00 and Amazon makes $11.99. Go any lower and I make no money and Amazon gets everything. So the price is $14.99, and if you don't like that fact then I have good news for you.

The Kindle version of the booklet is $0.99.

Yes, you heard that right ... $0.99!!!

On the Kindle platform, there are two different pricing options. The first option is to price the booklet at $2.99 or higher and earn a 70% commission. If I charged $14.99 for the booklet I'd make $10.49. The second option is to price the book at an extremely inexpensive price point and earn a 35% commission.

So I'm conducting an experiment. I'm pricing the Kindle version at $0.99 and I get a whopping $0.34 while Amazon gets $0.65. And yes, I get it, some of you will say that this is dumb and I should just give the pdf away. Readers always have opinions ... and Amazon will always get the money.

Now it is time for you to act. If you have a spare dollar, use it, buy the Kindle version and tell every person you know to buy the Kindle version and let's see if the reader hypothesis of "Low Prices on Booklets" can be verified or proven wrong.

Tomorrow, I'll begin sharing what is in the booklet and will describe why you, the New Marketing Leader, should buy it.

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