October 30, 2018


A brand sends me a presentation deck from one of their vendors. One of the first slides outlines the average age of the customer base of the clients the vendor represents.

Guess what?

The vendor was lying ... badly.

In-house data showed that the average customer was 55-74 years old. Vendor data suggested the average customer was 35-64 years old. Obviously the vendor (a data broker) wanted to misrepresent the age of the customer so that they could make money off of the client.

We don't talk about Customer Audience very much. However, your Audience is critically important. You see a lot of online brands starting catalogs - not understanding that their 33 year old customer couldn't care less about catalog marketing. You see catalog brands with a 66 year old customer hiring "influencers" who are reaching a 33 year old audience. And you see vendors who happily lie in an effort to make money for their business while sub-optimizing your business.

Know your Audience.

Market to your Audience appropriately.

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