June 10, 2018

One More Example: Duluth Trading Company

I know, I know, the New England portion of my audience doesn't like it when I talk about Duluth Trading Company.

Why do I talk about Duluth Trading Company?

Here's their won-lost record over the past four years.

  • 2017 = 12-4.
  • 2016 = 12-4.
  • 2015 = 13-3.
  • 2014 = 14-2.
They're as good as the New England Patriots.

That's why I talk about Duluth Trading Company.

Sales have nearly tripled in just four years ... a compound 30% annual growth rate.

But can you see trouble brewing on the horizon?
  • The rate of performance gains is decelerating.
So maybe in 2-3 years you'll be able to point to an 8-8 Duluth Trading Company season and say "see, they stink".

Until then?

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