April 02, 2018

Blaming Marketers

Yup - it happens all the time. It's the reason for many of my consulting projects ... business is off and nobody knows why so somebody asks me to look at all of the ways that marketing is making mistakes.

And marketers make a ton of mistakes - so it is easy to point the finger at the stupid marketer and then see that conversion rates are down 10% and therefore the marketer messed up and we go fire the marketer and we start over with a new marketer.

The marketer in commerce is not unlike the head coach in sports ... if the General Manager fails to acquire talent, the GM should be fired, right? Too often, the head coach takes the blame.

For the rest of the week, I'll share examples of ways that marketers get blamed for merchandise challenges.

In 2018, the marketer MUST analyze merchandise productivity ... it's a requirement of job security (and brand health).

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