March 01, 2018


A subscriber unsubscribed on Tuesday ... after reading this article (click here) ... citing that the content was offensive, or that the reader strongly disagreed with the content or disapproved of the content.

The goal is to appeal to the audience that will ultimately use my content or pay for project work. It's ok when somebody thinks otherwise, let 'em stay as long as they want and when they're done, no worries!

The same thing applies to your business.

P.S.: Take a look at the average age of the email professionals who responded to a survey (click here). Do you listen to employees who are young? Do you pay attention to their thoughts about how email marketing might be leveraged? Or do you align email with the rest of the business and enjoy tepid results? Please listen to what younger professionals have to say. They may just hold the key to improving your business results, right?

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