November 02, 2017


I do not live in a catalog household ... and my wife and I haven't purchased from half of these companies.

And yet, within two days this is what floods the mailbox.


This is what happens when we let the vendor industry drive the agenda. Co-ops determine who receives catalogs, while your print-centric vendors offer discounts to get you to mail your catalogs together with competing catalogs. You save a few pennies.

There's close to a thousand pages of merchandise laying there on my counter top.

When is the last time you read a thousand pages of content you wanted to read?

We can't even get 1 in 5 customers to open an email, much less take time to read through a thousand pages a week for the next six weeks.

Test different dates.

Test not mailing unwanted catalogs.

Test smaller page counts.

Test books front-loaded with winning merchandise.

Do something your vendor partners tell you not to do.

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