October 01, 2017

Monday Quiz

You execute a six-month mail-holdout test, using four test panels. It's time to read the results. The results look like this:

Given the results observed above, which strategy do you employ in 2018?
  1. Retest - you need to see multiple and consistent test results before you move forward.
  2. Go with 20 large mailings per year - it's what we've always done and profit looks pretty good, to be honest.
  3. Go with 10 large mailings per year - it's the most profitable solution, even though sales decrease by more than double-digit percentages.
  4. Go with 15 large mailings per year - we didn't test it, but I'd best that is the optimal solution.
Which strategy did you choose, and why?

P.S.:  You want to see what low-cost / no-cost customer acquisition looks like? Yes? Ok then. Watch this video, courtesy of Custora (click here). Try Something!! I mean, it's got +/- 1,100 views, so you'll tell me "that didn't work, what other ideas do you have?" and some of you do that with everything I forward to you. But these tactics take zero effort and act like a baseball hitter ... you'll have success 25 times in a hundred. So please, Try Something!

P.P.S.:  Don't like the idea above? Fine. How about this one from Vermont Teddy Bear (click here). I found this one on the Belardi Ostroy Twitter Feed (click here). It's like if you do stuff (it doesn't even have to be earth shattering or clever) other people spread the message for you ... at no-cost to you. No-cost / Low-cost Customer Acquisition. Hmmmm. Who knew?

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