September 13, 2017

MineThatData Academy!!

I've worked with many of you to get the bugs out of the simulation algorithm. There's been many different versions, and many different tests. And now, finally, the bugs have been worked out and we have a simulation that gives participants a fighting chance to test their chops ... and most important ... a fighting chance to come from behind if year one doesn't go very well.

The simulation is called "MineThatData Academy":

This is a ten-team example ... the simulation is designed to handle up to twenty individuals/teams.

You get to determine your strategy across many dimensions.
  • Online Advertising.
  • Offline Advertising.
  • % off Strategy.
  • Shipping Revenue (or Free) Strategy.
  • Price of Widgets.
  • Price of Bidgets.
  • Price of Tidgets.
  • % of Your Merchandise Assortment = New.
  • Mix of Brand Marketing Strategy and Technology/Personalization.
You will be provided with limited metrics ... not enough data to "perceive" you can do a good job ... but you'll be able to do a good job because you are smart.

Alright, here's what you get.
  • Option #1 = On-Site Visit. 9-12 = Simulation. 12-1 = Lunch. 1-5 = Business Discussion With Your Team, Can Go In Any Direction You Want.
  • Option #2 = Virtual Academy. 1-4 = Simulation, 4-5 = Business Discussion With Your Team.
Contact me for additional details (

These "Academy" sessions work really well at Vendors as well as E-Commerce / Retail / Catalog Clients ... and the structure is perfect for conferences.

Soooooo ... who's ready to set the HIGH SCORE at the MineThatData Academy? Who has the business chops to succeed? Email me and let's have some fun! (

P.S.: Here's a medium-cost customer acquisition strategy discussion in fashion, should you be interested. Read what Ralph Lauren did with 300 "influencers" ... what would stop you from doing something comparable with your best customers?

P.P.S.:  Read the link in Issue #61 in this missive from MailChimp (Click Here). Do you travel the world to find stories worthy of sharing? That's a form of low-cost customer acquisition - certainly cheaper than paying Facebook a million dollars, #amirite?

P.P.P.S.:  Since this industry loves paper, here's Shopcodes from Shopify (Click Here).

P.P.P.P.S.:  Two days ago, this link got 319 clicks ... that's as many as any link I've put up here (Click Here). Put Facebook and Catalogs in the same sentence and you swarm the link like wasps attacking a rotting orange!

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