August 31, 2017

Yet Another Example of Low-Cost / No-Cost Customer Acquisition

You probably read Mailchimp's "What's In Store" ... and saw this earlier today (click here).

The key comment ... "they threw all the events". The Soda Parlor host non-stop events ... check 'em out on Facebook (click here). Look at 'em all!

I know, I know, you are a catalog brand and you don't have a physical location so how the heck can you have an event?
  • Hint - you can have online events - video - every single day if you want.
I'm not saying we don't work hard. We work "differently". Other companies hustle the living daylights out of their business. We hustle the living daylights out of decile eight of a co-op overlay upon lapsed buyers. If you view the world this way, we're not getting much of a return on investment on that activity, just like hustle generates minimal return on investment on in-store events. But there's one difference ... the hustle of in-store (or online) events aligns with the future ... the hustle associated with decile eight of a co-op overlay upon lapsed buyers does not align with the future.

Make sense?

Do you disagree?

If you disagree, send me your thesis, and I will publish it for all to read. Send it right now ( If you want to keep it private, send me your thesis and I won't publish it. Ok?

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