July 23, 2017

Circulation Theory: Part 1

Note - if you aren't in the catalog industry, this is a good time to take summer break, because I'm going to spend two weeks discussing Catalog Circulation Theory. I'll see you in two weeks, ok? Or at least read this article about L.L. Bean (click here).

Here we go!

See the grid featured here? This is the dollar-per-book for a recent catalog via whatever attribution algorithm you like to use.

Your homework assignment for tomorrow? Tell me the dollar per book you'd expect if you were to mail Segment 8, Segment 9, and Segment 10.

Fill in your answers, and we'll move the discussion along tomorrow. And hint ... you see the 32 / 64/ 96 / 128 page columns? We're eventually going to fill those page count cells in as well. 

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