June 26, 2017

Setting A Subsequent Trajectory

Yesterday we talked about a business that was stuck.

If Management wanted this business to grow at a healthier rate, forecasted performance might look like this:

That's what 10% growth looks like, year-after-year-after-year.

New customers?
  • This Year = 54,468.
  • Next Year = 70,373.
  • Two Years From Now = 80,885.
  • Three Years From Now = 90,471.
  • Four Years From Now = 100,003.
  • Five Years From Now = 110,025.
First of all, do you have a forecasting algorithm to help you figure out what the future looks like?

Second of all, do you know how many new customers you need to make Management or Your Board happy?

Third of all, do you have a plan to find those new customers via a low-cost / no-cost customer acquisition program?

Put those three pieces together, and you've got something!

And you can do this - you can "fix it"!!

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