May 29, 2017


There's a reason to be optimistic about the next eighteen months!

Specifically, our challenges are largely within our control.

E-commerce brands are still growing and are still finding new customers. There are myriad programs to employ to find new customers - creativity is critical. A fusion of digital and creativity is going to pay off in a big way. Those who focus here have hope!

Retail brands are going to learn how to capitalize on store closures. On one front, when a store closes the digital marketing team will work like crazy to recapture lost store customers, converting them to the digital channel. These "digital conversion programs" are going to be a big part of 2018 strategy. Those who focus here have hope!

Catalog brands are going to evolve in 2018. The realization that catalogers are tied to Baby Boomers will cause a shift in focus ... away from trying to be all things to all people (which isn't working) to instead meeting the needs of the retiring Baby Boomer. There are a lot of 401k accounts that will empty into the profit and loss statement of smart catalogers ... this is the focus for 2018 for smart catalogers. Those who focus here have hope!

It is time to be optimistic about 2018. We have seven months to craft new strategies to win in 2018. Who is with me? Who has hope?

We are going to do great work the rest of this year, preparing us for a much-improved 2018. I'm hopeful. So are you!

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