January 04, 2017

What Does The Yellow Sun Mean?

Look at the Western portion of this image. You see a bright orb ... sort of like the sun.

Look at the Northeastern portion of the image. You see black ... like nighttime skies, right?

The yellow/white area is where the most loyal customers are in the two-dimensional depiction of the customer file. These customers purchased 12+ times in the past three years ... more than once every three months.  These are great customers!

The black areas represent customers with < 1.5 purchases in the past three years (remember, I am only depicting the twelve-month buyer file).

So all of your great customers tend to be located in the Southwest portion of the customer file.

All of your newer-to-file customers tend to be located in the Northeast portion of the customer file.

This forms the basis of your twelve-month buyer file.

Tomorrow, we'll look at one of the key attributes of this customer file.

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