January 22, 2017

Readership Comment

Last week, I talked a bit about pricing. Here are the articles.
There were themes in readership comments ...
  • Can you show me a strategy that is guaranteed to work for my specific brand?
I wish I could do that.

That's your job. Your company pays you to find solutions that will work for your brand.

If you don't have a solution for your brand, hire somebody who does - and then be accountable if that person implements ideas that don't work.

We are struggling with creativity.

Here's my thesis. We stripped creativity out of our business model over the past fifteen years. "Digital Strategy" and "Competition" resulted in removing anything that does not have a short-term, immediate, measurable return on investment. Google Analytics tells you if customers from a Referring URL convert or bounce. Google Analytics does not tell you if a half-naked half-offensive half-funny cartoon figure from Duluth Trading Company attracts new customers. So we pick a strategy including Pinterest because we can easily measure if the strategy works in the short-term. We don't develop an overarching creative strategy because our measurement systems will fail to measure long-term return on investment.

And yet, overarching creative strategies matter a lot.

I'm asking you to step away from short-term return-on-investment.

I'm asking you to develop an overarching creative strategy for you "brand".

Send me a message and tell me why I'm wrong ... what have I failed to consider?

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