December 15, 2016

New Merchandise and a Rebuilding Project

What's depicted here is step one. This is the lazy, easy thing to do ... and most people do it. Cross it off the list.

When I started my blog, folks were angry that I posted every day. "You can't do that." What do you mean that I can't do that? I'm doing just that ... every day! "No, that's not what you are supposed to do, that's not a best practice."

A year later, the feedback changed ... "how do you keep coming up with ideas for new content?"

I learned that if I didn't produce new content, you didn't read.

And I learned that if I didn't mix-in some odd stuff (like the Gliebers Dresses series or Catalog Craig Paperman), you were bored silly.

So I had to always give something new to you, the studio audience. And I had to mix things up. And I had to entertain you.

Do you think the same thing applies to your business?

Pick one Merchant or Marketer ... and designate that person the NEW MERCHANDISE EVANGELIST. Every Single Day, this person leverages passion for new items to communicate why the customer must purchase new items.
  • Every Friday, this person "owns" email marketing, telling stories about new items, selling selling selling selling selling!
  • Every Single Day, this person "owns" Tumblr + Twitter + Facebook + Instagram + Snapchat, communicating stories behind/supporting new items, telling every single passionate customer WHY the customer has to align with new merchandise.
This process needs to be repeated Every Single Day for the next five years - no compromises - none whatsoever.

In fact, this should be the New Merchandise Theme of 2017.
  • Every Single Day.
How hard is it to do this?

If you cannot find one person who has this level of passion for new merchandise, then why should you expect your customer base to care about new merchandise?

Every Single Day, my friends.

Every Single Day.

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