December 21, 2016

A Point of View

You can't watch an obscure program on an obscure channel without seeing a television commercial for a catalog, retail, or e-commerce brand.

Especially those e-commerce and online startups. Uber vs. Lyft. Weren't we told that television was dead?

Advertising, of course, requires a Unique Point of View.

The L.L. Bean television screen shot conveys outdoor imagery.

Visit the Ann Taylor website, and what message is conveyed?

Now look at what Duluth Trading Company stands for - look at their Unique Point of View.

Notice that they are discounting - 20% off plus free shipping. But that's 10% of the message you see on the screen. It's 70% of the message Ann Taylor shares on the screen.

Our 2017 business initiatives require a strong Point of View. A strong Point of View is the foundation supporting the remainder of business initiatives.

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