November 13, 2016

Study This Image

This is how digital strategy destroys pricing integrity.

Think about it this way. The retargeting strategy "works" because 7 in 10,000 purchase instead of 6 in 10,000. Meanwhile, 10,000 customers are offered the perception that there is a dumpster fire going on at JCP.

P.S.: Did you see this delicious little tidbit from Nordstrom (click here)? They are writing down Trunk Club. Wonderful! Another digital endeavor that did not meet expectations. Maybe we need to apply a critical eye toward digital strategy?

P.P.S:  Instead of JCP having a dumpster fire because of bloated inventory levels - why not do something like this to create some urgency? Closely examine the image below.

Notice - the item is sold at full price ($30.99) and is only available for another week.

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