August 31, 2016

It's Time!! The MineThatData Elite Program

Time flies!

In October, I will perform the next iteration of The MineThatData Elite Program. To date, we've only lost one (1) participant ... that's it! Always adding new participants, the program has become the way for brands to understand how they stack up against industry averages.
  • Cost for New Participants = $2,500 per run.
  • Data Requirements and Analyses are outlined by clicking here.
  • Your commitment (and the blessing of your Legal Team, a team that frequently requires long lead times) is required by October 1.
  • Payment is required by October 1.
  • Data is due on October 24.
  • Analysis will be completed no later than October 30.
Since your Legal Team is likely the biggest stumbling block to getting entrance into the program in a timely manner, please take the time to engage those folks right now.

And for crying out loud, this program is close to free. Think of the money you throw away to Google and Facebook and Retargeters and Research Reports and (for catalogers) your favorite Co-Op(s). This costs you almost nothing and you actually get something for it!!

Contact me right now ( and get yourself into the next run of the program!!

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