July 10, 2016

Prime Day

Why is it that it takes a Trade Organization (Cyber Monday) and Amazon (Prime Day) to get anybody to compete (click here)?

Is there a reason you couldn't create your own special day?

Or month?

When I worked at Nordstrom, we had our Anniversary Sale ... mid-July to early-August. We sold stuff at a brisk pace not unlike Christmas. It took the Nordstrom Family and decades of work to make that event what it was ... but it was their event, and they were rewarded with the profit associated with creating something unique. And I know how unique it was, because I also worked at Eddie Bauer in the late 90s and we couldn't sell anything in July or August. It's HARD to sell stuff in July.

So why do you sit there and do nothing ... until a Trade Organization tells you to give away the farm on Cyber Monday ... and then again when Amazon "forces" you to give deeper discounts in mid-July?

And if you decide to compete with Amazon ... why? Why are you giving away margin dollars for one day because Amazon created an event to benefit their business? Who cares if the customer purchases from Amazon on July 12? The customer was going to buy from Amazon anyway ... the customer is buying from Amazon every fifth day, for crying out loud.

What are you doing to win July 13?

My goodness.

Have we broken every creative bone in our body?

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