June 26, 2016

Multiple Points of View

Here's where we are.
  1. Vote For "A" = 50% Think You Are An Idiot.
  2. Vote For "B" = The Other 50% Think You Are An Idiot.
You are not an idiot, regardless how you vote.

I was in a meeting. The Leader asked an employee for his opinion. The person gave his opinion. Then the Leader ... she says, "well, you are wrong".  And that was the last time we heard from the employee in the meeting.

If anything, we probably need more ideas, even if the ideas are wrong. We need to look out for folks who are under-represented, be it in life, or in marketing.

"A" is seldom right, and "B" is seldom right. Both "A" and "B" have valid points.

Now if "A" or "B" outright lie to gain an advantage, by all means, expose the lie for what it is. With accurate and honest un-manipulated data, of course.

But, geez, in marketing and life, things are more complicated than "A" or "B". Real Leaders figure out where in the A/B continuum we should be ... or figure out that we need "C" and sell it and then Lead us toward it.

Something to think about, when reading your next Thought Leadership white paper about the future of whatever.

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